Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday, March 24, 2014

“Not everyone needs to be a hiker [or runner, biker, hockey player, or triathlete], but using “not my thing” is too convenient. Activities that even momentarily cause discomfort, that don’t provide immediate positive feedback, are subtracted from the realm of experience. We are outraged when we are constrained by others, but willfully, unwittingly put limits on ourselves.” – David Miller, AWOL on…

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Thus starts project ³GET BACK ON TRACK² week.

Thus starts project ³GET BACK ON TRACK² week.

I have a few things I need to accomplish this week:

1. Finish coursework for DB8030 – I currently have an incomplete from last quarter that I need to resolve this week.
2. Continue to work on my draft of Chapter 1 for my dissertation. I have submitted a 3rd revision to my advisor, waiting to hear back on what needs to be addressed.
3. Running – need to get some miles in this week. Outside? Maybe.

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Busy day today

All the grandparents came up for a birthday party for Katie. First thing this morning we noticed that we had a small roof leak in Peter’s bedroom due to an ice dam. Bob, dad, and I all got up on the roof and shoved off all the snow, uncovered a large ice dam right over where the leak is, and we managed to get down safely.

We had a nice party for Katie. Jen made dinner and cupcakes and ice cream.…

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Results Demand Action

Results Demand Action

You know what I’ve discovered? In order to make progress at anything, you actually have to take action. Wanting to do something, wanting to accomplish something, wanting to be better, all of the ambition in the word do you no good unless you take action. Radical I know.

1. In order for me to finish school I actually need to do the work and get it done. Aspiring to be a good student does not…

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Kick in the Butt

Kick in the Butt

Cold start to the day, -15F when I walked out the door at 6:20 this morning. Tired of the cold and snow – need some warm weather and some sun. Need some other stuff too – motivation, ambition. I need some drive.

I need a kick in the butt.

I need to turn over a new leaf and get back in the gym, running, and being active. Without a doubt, I’m getting fat again – I’ve told myself at least one…

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